It occurred to  me as I was waiting at LAX over Thanksgiving weekend, that more than a few grandparents were in the same boat as me.  True, there was a fair number of college-aged kids, witness two on either side of me eating sandwiches, returning to their universities.  And a few families with small children were also scattered about.  But for the most part, the terminal was filled with a sea of grey haired seniors. And that got me thinking.  Gone are the days when grandma and grandpa lived down the road.  Let’s be real.  Few of us live in the same town, city, state, country, and in some cases, on the same continent as our grandchildren.  And it hurts.

We long to put our arms around those little bodies and give warm hugs and kisses to them daily,  but the miles separate us.  Sure, modern technology allows us to connect like never before, but it can often leave us feeling hollow.  So we travel.  A lot, by the looks of it.  Because at the end of the day, we yearn to bond physically with our grandchildren.  The grandparent-grandchild relationship is like no other on Earth.  It’s magical.  We get to let go of the weight of parenting and just be a special presence in that little child’s life.  A very special present.

How can we do that from miles away? How do we build that bond with  just a few moments of time on Skype or Facetime?  What if we don’t have the means to travel where they are? How will we sprinkle the star dust from afar?  These are the questions this blog will seek to answer.

Who am I?  Well I am just a fellow traveler, with two beautiful granddaughters that live 2, 500 miles away in sunny California.  I will share with you my tricks of the trade, and hopefully you will share yours with me. Together we can spread that stardust over all those beautiful children.

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  • This is all so true. I am constantly torn among my aging mom, my distant children and grands, and whether we are imposing. I cry a lot…haha

    • Hi Karen! I completely understand where you are emotionally. I too worry about imposing into the very busy lives of my daughter’s family. I think the distance makes it worse because we just don’t know their schedule. That’s why I often use old fashioned snail mail. Letters and cards can be read when convenient to them, and the little ones react like its Christmas! I’ll be writing a blog post about that soon. Meanwhile, I am sending you virtual hugs!!!!

  • Hi Kimberly,
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Our oldest and her husband live in New Mexico, so any potential grands will be far away and I need to start planning!

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