New Year, New Scope

Who starts a blog during the holidays? Really? Not my best idea. So forgive me for the sparse number of blog posts. However, the last two weeks has given me some time to think about where I want this blog to grow. Watching the interactions between grown children home for the holidays and their aging parents certainly has provided me with some interesting ideas for future columns. Why do we let these relationships become so difficult?

Aging itself is an area I would like to explore. Our western culture seems to be so adverse to it. And yet we can do nothing to stop it, no matter how we try to deceive ourselves. This is why I love the quote by Sophia Loren so much. Defeating age isn’t about the externals, it’s about understanding that the love and creativity you bring to yourself and the world around you is what keeps you young until the moment you take your last breath. But much more on that in the coming months.


Of course I will continue to blog about our beautiful grandchildren near and far and how we can nurture and grow those relationships. We grandparents are indeed the stardust that makes them glow!

I’m still trying to learn this WordPress stuff and hopefully will have it conquered by the end of the month. At least that is the goal. You might even see some new pages and cool things start to show up. Fingers crossed!

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