The Afternoon of Life

We spend so much time and money racing after the fountain of youth. Coloring our hair, firming up our skin, trying to force our aging bodies into clothes meant for twenty somethings. Why do we do this? Our culture has an obsession with youth and all its trappings. Somewhere along the way of human development we forgot that the second half of life has purpose and meaning.

Carl Jung spent a great amount of time exploring this phenomenon. He separates the stages of life into morning, afternoon, and night. Each, like a day, has its own beauty, its own strength, its own function. I love this so much better than the seasons of life. Come on, who wants to be in the autumn of life where everything is decaying or the frigging winter, when everything looks like it’s dead?

Afternoon on the beach

In the afternoon, the sun is still shining, but not quite as hot…. it gently warms, allowing you to relax and reflect. The day is still full of potential, but now you can explore all those dreams you put off in the morning while you were busy with the industry of family and work. The afternoon is a time of great inward growth, a time to access our inner wisdom and let it work for the good of those around us.

Let go of the morning, and embrace the afternoon. There is great joy here!

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